Our History

Woodwork Franzreb was born out of a love of woodworking and seeing joy on people’s faces when they see their vision come to life in wood. Our founder, Mathias Franzreb, started working with wood at the age of five, inspired by family members who were also in the same trade.

Mathias started his woodworking (joiner) apprenticeship when he was 16 years old, in Offenbach am Main, Germany. Germany has a dual education system where students apprentice in a company and go to vocational school at the same time.

Three years later he completed his apprenticeship and decided to follow in the German craftsman tradition called Wanderjahre. Mathias started traveling as journeyman in August 2012 and traveled to over ten countries over the next three years and eight months, spending most of his time in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Canary Islands, and New Zealand. His travels took him from a woodshop in the Swiss Alps to the Alexander von Humboldt II tall sailing ship in the Canary Islands. With each stop on the journey, he worked and improved his woodworking skills, while learning more about himself and the world.

After a year back in Germany followed by a year working in a woodshop in Hawaii, Mathias settled in Atlanta, GA. In January 2020, he finally fulfilled his dream of starting his own woodworking business.

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